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After years of patient care and aiding the treatment of thousands of athletes in every sport imaginable both Averill and Aaron could not deny the majority of clinic visits could be prevented if the athlete would have been educated to a higher standard prior to the injury.  Education on lifting technique, posture, or motor control for example, could have prevented the injury altogether.  Thus PPHQ is designed in just this manner, to provide athletes education to avoid any disruption in their athletic pursuit.


Through Averill and Aaron’s clinic experience and through peer-reviewed research there is overwhelming evidence that an athlete’s/patient’s compliance with their home exercise program is directly related to clinical outcomes.  PPHQ is designed in a way to promote consistency with exercise programs and to encourage the athlete to stay active.  This is not only designed to make the programming more efficient, but also to increase athletic performance.

holistic approach

Athletes are much more dynamic than just a skeleton and muscles.  Our bodies are the most complex and amazing machines on the planet. PPHQ knows that to change peoples lives we need to focus on the person as a whole and we address this in two different ways.  Far too many programs are designed to address issues towards a single part of the body(e.g., shoulder, ankle, knee).  Our bodies are far more complex machines than that and by only addressing one body part you are actually doing the whole system a disservice. To function at its’ full potential the body requires a sum of every individual part linked together.  If we were to only focus on one body part or region, we not only are insulting the complexity of the human body but we are not going to achieve the best outcome.  Thus PPHQ approaches each problem with the entire machine in mind.  Second, our body is much more than just the musculoskeletal system.  If we design a program that only focuses on the musculoskeletal system we will achieve good outcomes but not our optimal outcomes and at PPHQ we don’t strive to be good enough!!! PPHQ is designed to address the athlete as a complete human being.  This can come from a variety of subjects including: sleep education, nutrition, stress management and any other factors along the bio-psycho-social model.

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