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There’s No Such Thing As Good Posture

Stop trying to sit up straight and read this.

“Sit up tall.”

“Shoulders back.”

“Keep your head in a neutral position.”

We’ve all seen the ads for “ergonomic” chairs and the “perfect” work set up, to gizmos that buzz when you slouch!

All of this is aimed at solving a real problem that tens of millions of us are facing each day: pain. And, all of this is believed to be a result (in full or partially) because of poor posture.

Here’s a disruptive statement that may blow your mind…

There is no such thing as good posture.

There, I said it.

If you haven’t closed out your browser yet, I’ll explain what I’m talking about.

The adaptability of the human body is to be admired.

When we stress the tissue and nervous tissue over time, it adapts, every time, and to everyone.

In the absence of pathology, there are no exceptions!

The modern-day “desk monkey” looks something like this…

Their shoulders are slouched.

Their head is forward + tilted upward.

Their upper traps that hold the head up all day in PERFECT posture for what you’re asking the body to do. You’re in an energy-efficient position, resting on passive structures, surviving yet another stress-induced 9-hour workday. You not might realize it, but you’re training this position all day long.

Your body is listening and, in its typical admirable fashion, your body has adapted.

So let’s stop talking about posture as being good or bad and instead, let’s come to grips with the fact that posture is in fact, ADAPTABLE.

We are forced into specific positions, finding ways to sit, stand, and slouch that are more comfortable than others, and we follow the path of least resistance until the wheels fall off.

What the hell do we do about it, though?

We move.


My job is to help you to identify areas of restriction, and over time, improve your movement patterns so that your body learns to control the new movement patterns so that you get STRONG.

You want GOOD posture… er… I mean, do you want to ADAPT your posture so that you’re no longer in pain?

In 60-seconds, we’ll show you some of the movement that our Team implements on a daily basis at Primed to Perform.

We’re working on our mobility, working to control our mobility, and we’re getting stronger.

I’ve been lucky to work with thousands of people, from the desk monkeys to world champions, and this “work” tends to be the missing piece often overlooked.

Sure, the standing desks, ergonomically optimized work stations, and gizmo’s won’t “hurt” you – but to truly bulletproof your posture, like everything in life, it takes consistent and sustainable work and effort!

Want to start your process to move and feel better?

Here are three posture priming movements to try!

Face Pull

Powerband Thoracic Cat/Camel

Prone Handcuffs

If you’re tired of being in perpetual pain and you’re ready to put the few minutes of work in each day so that you feel primed to perform, join our team to get get coaching (from me), a community made up of desk monkey to elite athletes, and mobility or Prehab session each day to make sure that you’re primed to perform for less than 50 cents a day.


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